Transforming the Brisbane Showgrounds’ Exhibition Station with Innovative Skylights

An architectural marvel is unfolding at the new Exhibition Station precinct, thanks to G.James Glass Products.

Transforming the Brisbane Showgrounds’ Exhibition Station with Innovative Skylights
Brisbane Showgrounds’ Exhibition Station Innovative Skylights

Part of the impressive Cross River Rail project, this scope of works involved supplying thirteen diamond-shaped skylights, each a showcase of innovative design.

The Vision

Our formidable task: to install 208 distinctively shaped glass panels to form stunning, functional skylights. With 16 panels each, these skylights in four diamond shapes enhance the station's overhead space.

Crafting On-Site

To avoid disruptions, we assembled the roof structure in an adjacent vacated parking lot. Elevated two meters off the ground, this facilitated streamlined fabrication and installation, addressing height safety concerns.

Innovative Installation

We integrated aluminium with the steel framework, preparing for the glass installation. Each panel was precisely positioned using a vacuum lifter and crane, followed by structural glazing.

Glass Specification

For the skylights, we used 17.52mm clear heat-strengthened, laminated glass with Colourlite®Graphic. This glass, manufactured in Brisbane, ensures both aesthetic appeal and durability.

Collaborative Design

A three-year collaboration with Hassell Studio and Unity Alliance focused on glass types and glazing methods, laying a robust foundation for this architectural highlight for this landmark project.

Overcoming Challenges

Our challenge was to pre-determine glass sizes from steel fabrication drawings. This necessitated extensive collaboration between G.James Glass Contracting, Hassell, and the steel supplier.

This project stands as a testament to G.James' commitment to innovation, collaboration, and technical expertise.

Images courtesy of Unity.