NDIS House by Sydney Domestic

Our Sydney Domestic team recently completed a project for the National Disability Scheme program. They worked closely with DPN Casa Capace and BA Murphy builders.

G.James supplied our 246 Series Commercial doors with 475 fixed lite windows and 136 counterbalance windows. The glass used was Solect Clear 119 Laminate, Clear Laminate and white translucent laminate where privacy was needed.

The program has been funded for up to 100 houses of varied design to cater for the NDIS in Sydney

DPN Casa Capace visited the Sydney Showroom in 2019 and were overwhelmed by the look and functionality of the 246 Commercial stacked doors.

Miro Slavuljica worked tirelessly with DPN Casa Capace design team to achieve a modern look and functional design for the 6 bedroom multi-function home.