Value #1: Safety

Safety Board – Lismore factory.

“We ensure that our plant, equipment and workplace practices allow for a safe environment”

For all of us, being safety conscious should be a way of life and part of our everyday conversations. It requires a personal commitment on all levels. With our motto “Think Safe Be Safe”, we all have a responsibility to ensure we can come to work each day, carry out our tasks in a safe environment and go home safe and healthy.

We would like to remind everyone to hold our safety value and messages at front of mind, both at the workplace and at home. Take the time to think and plan prior to commencing any activity to ensure that they are carried out in a safe manner without risk of injury to yourself or anyone else, or damage to property.

• Follow our induction and safety procedures

• Conduct Safety committee meetings with minutes and actions – close out actions

• Read and circulate the Safety newsletters

• Report and record incidents, hazards and near misses as well as identify and complete corrective actions in our HSE system

• Have regular safety conversations – these will go a long way to preventing unsafe practices and accidents occurring

Our goal is for a zero-harm workplace. As with life in general, please be aware of what is happening around you at all times.

This post is a safety conversation so please share it with all team members.

Lewis, Directors and Managers