Happy New Year everyone!

8 inch Press at 990KSD

Happy New Year and welcome back to 2020 – 103 years as a family-owned manufacturing business providing quality products and services across Australia. Our thoughts are with any of our team members, families, customers and suppliers that have been impacted by the devastating fires burning across the holiday period and still causing serious threat across the nation.

As many of you have made your own new year resolutions and focus on your personal goals, it is a good time to communicate our vision and goals for the coming year.

In an environment and economy with many challenges we continue to be well positioned because of our reputation, capability and diverse portfolio of products and services.

To achieve our vision of ensuring a sustainable and successful business for generations to come, 4 key focus areas have been identified:

Focus on Safety – ensuring we have effective hazard and risk identification and management whilst embedding safety behaviours.

Increase Revenue – by delivering on our promises to our loyal customer base, implementing strategies for winning new customers and constantly looking for opportunities for sales growth.

Decrease Costs – as we carry out our daily activities be aware and conscious of cost saving initiatives and work to bring these initiatives into practice.

Improve Operational Effectiveness – underpins all our business units. We all must be striving to achieve maximum productivity while minimising waste and expense.

Our ‘Values’ provide an insight into what motivates us and defines what is valued across all our employees and managers. Over the next few weeks we will be talking about each of our Values – Safety, Integrity, Our People, Customer Focus, Product Excellence and Investment – what they mean to me and how we can all influence how we demonstrate these in our daily tasks.

This year we will see the commissioning of the new 8 inch Press and Case Warehouse at 990 for our Extrusion business. We have included some photos of the progress. The next generation Glass Manufacturing Plant in Melbourne will be well underway to completion by year end. Oracle EBS will continue to be stabilised and improved to support our operations. This work will be ongoing as defects are flushed out and further progress made for better use and functionality.

8 inch Press and Case Warehouse

We look forward to a productive and profitable year and thank you in advance for your commitment and contribution.

Lewis, Directors and Managers