SmartGlass is a Smarter Choice

If you're looking for energy efficiency, look no further than Viridian SmartGlass.

SmartGlass™ is a range of energy efficient glass products for the residential market.

Ordinary glass lets summer heat pass through the window unhindered, on the other hand SmartGlass captures the heat and reflects it back outside keeping your home cooler in summer. While in winter it works in reverse by reflecting warmth back inside your home. Pretty smart, right?

SmartGlass is available in four different colours, each providing increasing levels of solar protection (SP).

Clear Polaris

SP10 – Clear Polaris, has a clear finish and is best suited for cooler climates, and shaded windows where passive solar heating is desirable.

Neutral Panoramic

SP30 – Neutral Panoramic, has a light grey colouring, and is best suited for warmer climates where a balance of solar control and insulation is beneficial.

Green Oasis

SP40 – Green Oasis delivers high solar protection yet abundant natural daylighting. It is ideal for hot demanding climates, and with its green colouring is well suited for gardens and water views.

Grey Stellar

SP50 – Grey Stellar is suited to Australia’s hottest climates, and significantly reduces glare and radiant heat, providing outstanding performance in a stylish grey tone.